To study whether restoration measures contribute to the conservation and restoration of the fauna species diversity and characteristic raised bog fauna species, macroinvertebrate species assemblages were compared between a variety of water bodies in raised bog remnants in the Netherlands in which either or not restoration measures have been taken and in the intact raised bog system Nigula, Estonia. The present study shows that variation in species assemblage is low in restoration sites, compared to remnant sites and intact raised bog systems. Until now restoration measures result in restoration of a limited part of the species spectrum of pristine raised bogs. Nutrient enrichment may explain part of the differences in species assemblage. Important keys to a successful restoration of raised bog fauna are conservation and restoration of habitat diversity as well as conservation of remnant sites, being important sources for colonisation of rewetted sites, during the restoration process.

Duinen, G.A. van, Brock, A.M.T., Kuper, J.T., Peeters,T.M.J., Smits, M.J.A., Verberk, W.C.E.P. & Esselink, H. (2002). Important keys to successful restoration of characteristic aquatic macroinvertebrate fauna of raised bogs.

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