The records (1 -21 July 1999,14-24 July 2000) of 42 spp. are presented. Ischnura elegans, Enallagma cyathigerum and Orthetrum cancellatum were found breeding in the Baltic Sea. It is concluded that the northward extension of the ranges ofI. elegansand O. cancellatum in the Baltic region is influenced by their occurrencein brackish habitats along the Baltic Sea. Waterbodies in different parts of intact raised bog systems could be distinguished by differences in species assemblages and species richness.

Kalkman, V.J., van Duinen, G.A., Esselink, H. & Kuper, J.T. (2002). New records of Odonata from Estonia, with notes on breeding in the Baltic Sea and on species assemblages of raised bog systems. Notulae Odonotologicae. Volume 5-1-: pp 120-125.