Species differ in their life cycle, habitat demands and dispersal capacity. Consequently different species or species groups may respond differently to restoration measures. To evaluate effects of restoration measures in raised bog remnants on aquatic microinvertebrates, species assemblages of Rotifera and microcrustaceans were sampled in 10 rewetted and 10 non-rewetted sites, situated in 7 Dutch raised bog remnants.

van Duinen, G.A., Zhuge, Y., Verberk, W.C.E.P., Brock, A.M.T., van Kleef, H.H., Leuven, R.S.E.W., van der Velde, G. & Esselink, H. (2006). Effects of rewetting measures in Dutch raised bog remnants on assemblages of aquatic Rotifera and microcrustaceans. Hydrobiologia. Volume 565: pp 187-200.