Mires and peatlands in general are heavilyinfluenced by anthropogenic stressors like acidification,eutrophication, desiccation and fragmentation.Groundwater-fed mires are, in contrast to rainwater-fedmires, often well protected against desiccation due toconstant groundwater discharge. Groundwater-fedmires can however be influenced by groundwater pol-lution such as groundwater nitrate enrichment, a threatwhich has received minor attention in literature. Thepresent case study demonstrates how groundwater ni-trate enrichment can affect the biogeochemical function-ing and vegetation composition of groundwater-fedmires through direct nitrogen enrichment and indirectnitrate-induced sulphate mobilisation from geologicaldeposits.

G. van Dijk, J. Wolters, C. Fritz, H. de Mars, G. J. van Duinen, K. F. Ettwig, N. Straathof, A. P. Grootjans & A. J. P. Smolders (2019). Effects of Groundwater Nitrate and Sulphate Enrichment on Groundwater-Fed Mires: a Case Study. Water Air and Soil Pollution 230(6) pp 1-18.