Limiting the spread and impacts of invasive alien species (IAS) on biodiversity and ecosystems has become a goal of global, regional and national biodiversity policies. Evidence based management of IAS requires support by risk assessments, which are often based on expert judgment. We developed a tool to prioritize potentially new IAS based on their ecological risks, socio-economic impact and feasibility of management using multidisciplinary expert panels.

L.N.H.Verbrugge, Hoop, R.Aukema, R.Beringen, R.C.M.Creemers, G.A.van Duinen, H.Hollander, Hullu, M.Scherpenisse, F.Spikman, C.A.M.van Turnhout, S.Wijnhoven, R.S.E.W.Leuven, 2019. Lessons learned from rapid environmental risk assessments for prioritization of alien species using expert panels. Journal of Environmental Management 249.