Worldwide, coastal freshwater wetlands arefacingsalinizationat anincreasingrate duetolarge-scaleland use change, freshwater extraction, climate-drivensea level rise, droughts and land subsidence. Although itis known that increased surface water salinity doesinfluence wetland functioning, effects on nutrientdynamics reported in literature are contradictory andevidence from controlled, long-term field experiments isscarce. We therefore tested the effects of 4 levels ofincreased surface water salinity, from oligohaline tomesohaline conditions (0.9, 2.25, 4.5, 9 PSU), onbiogeochemical and physicochemical processes in thesediment of a formerly brackish freshwater wetland.

Gijs van Dijk, Leon P. M. Lamers, Roos Loeb, Piet-Jan Westendorp, Rick Kuiperij, Hein H. van Kleef, Marcel Klinge & Alfons J. P. Smolders (2019). Salinization lowers nutrient availability in formerly brackish freshwater wetlands; unexpected results from a long-term field experiment. Biogeochemistry 143: 67–83